Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Proposal for shogi match!!!

I am in progressing a shogi match proposal in my university.
The title will be:


The winner of Dragon King title will be rewarded a pretty trophy and cash RM50, the runner-up will get RM10.
The match date is around 3 April Saturday.

So far, I was trying to make it open for outsiders. But due to the limited of time around one month only, I am unable to make it as OPEN due to shortage of time as the official tournament need at least 6 months to announce.

As if I am able to make it for open match, I need sponsorship from the outsider. The only sponsorship I able to found should only be Japan Club KL shogi department. Well, actually I not sure that whether Japan Club shogi department will approve us to make an open shogi match. It seems like it is better that they held the events.

Well, I don't have any experience on organizing big event. So I am trying to make a small match first in my own university, maybe it can be consider as the FIRST shogi match in Malaysia except the Japan Club KL. Besides that, I also want to see how is the result after I promoting the shogi for more than half year. How many peoples are always playing and how many people already know how to play.

I wish that Ryou Takehito will be my arbiter for this event. But if the open match is launched for next semester. Ryou will be in Japan for further study during June.

However I will go training next semester, as my vice president told me that I still can be the director of any event. So maybe I can still make the shogi match open to be a success next semester.

Mind complicating with the shogi match, internship, assignments, presentation and others =.=''