Saturday, January 23, 2010

The stuff finally reach Malaysia!!

A lucky bag that can fill up a set of shogi

A set of shogi

A package of shogi set that to sell

my Go set and wooden board XD

The black colour piece under the sunlight ^^

plastics chess board of GO

GO cloth board

A whole view of GO set

All the shogi stuff I bought from China

The BIG package that I received in the morning

The really big package finally reach Malaysia this morning 11am. So happy about it ^_^.
All the stuff I order is 4 sets of cheap shogi, 6 pieces of shogi chessboard cloth, 6 pieces of shogi pretty bag and also a big set of GO with wooden board.

There are 4 shogi set available to sell, which I will sell to 4 peoples in the club. I have a cleaning up on my own GO stone one by one. After the cleaning up, the stone is completely clean and shiny, so happy to see that ^_^