Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday weekly chess club activity again~

My favorite day as can attend to the chess club's activity. ^_^
Chess club weekly activity is just simple gathering. Members can come and play any kind of chess with each other to increase the relationship and playing skills. That is the only time I can promote the shogi every week. So far that night, I teach about 6 peoples on how to play the shogi. A big step on my promoting shogi plan. I will plan a shogi lesson on the next Monday, in order to maintain the attendance of the members at the same time popularize the shogi among them. Some of peoples are just say they don't know how to play and straight away pickup the chess or Chinese chess to play.

Some time I just think that, the chess is quite hard to be promoted, due to the new generation of people is lazy to think. My generation is due to the influence of our grandfather or uncle that they are good at playing chess. So, we continue the hobby of our grandfather or uncle on the thinking of strategy chess. Chess is a very nice hobby, it train your brain to twist for the strategy. As you think a lot, the brain will working a lot so that the brain won't be lazy and become stupid.

Shogi need to think triple times for your every moves. Everything is possible in shogi. Even you exchange a major piece for a minor piece. It doesn't mean that you are losing, but is determine depend on who can checkmate the opponent's king first due to the 'drop' rules. So, shogi is the most exciting and challenging chess in the world so far. That's why I love shogi. ^_^


  1. Hey,

    are you interested in inviting me to your university so I can teach a few teaching games?

    I am able to play handicapped games against players so I can give a few tutor.

    Ryou Takehito

  2. Hi Mr Ryou
    1. I have leave my email on your blog.
    2. May i know are you able to help?
    3. If Nemo's Uni is in Sel/KL. Perhaps we can meet up?
    4. When are U leaving MY for AISEP?

  3. To Ryou Takehito

    That will be great if able to invite a coach like you lol. My university is MMU Melaka, well currently I am trying to promote the shogi to a bigger population first, my chess club weekly activity is Monday 8pm-10pm. Perhaps I will try organize a special tutorial lesson for you to coaching abit in Saturday or Sunday like that. But if happen that it is far for you to come, I will try to see whatever I can do here first ba...

    Quintom Yap (nemonemo)