Monday, July 13, 2009

First time to create the blog...

Finally, I create my own blog. After 3 years of university life, doesn't seen much change to me. I will try to make sure my life will be more meaningful during the final year of staying in the university. During the last semester, I got the treasurer position in the chess club of my university for my final year. That will be the best thing to be happen in my university's life, and I hope that there will be more excited thing to be happen in the following year.

Well, what I am suppose to do during this final year? I had planned that I want to promote the shogi chess in my university. The way to promote is to open shogi tutorial class, and also open a friendly match for the peoples. This might appear to be very hard to achieve. Since shogi is totally unpopular in Malaysia, or I shall say not even a normal people know about shogi in Malaysia. But I will try my best to promote the shogi in my university, or is better that if I able to promote to the whole Malaysia. So far I google through the search engine, Malaysia doesn't show much result of shogi, not even a club, an association, or any tournament. But shogi is now famous through the world, even a lot of tournament had been held in the following countries that is France, United States, Japan and even in China.


  1. Awww, I've just taken an interest in Shogi too.. but it's seriously hard to find a set here. It's a shame really. It really is an interesting game