Monday, May 16, 2011

The end of 2nd MMU Dragon King Shogi Match Closed

Bully Director

All players and winners and director,(some went home already)

Dragon King (Fish Lye)

1st Runner Up (Billy Ngow)

2nd Runner up, Victor

4th Alvin

5th Kaz

6th Kjying (not owner)

7th Cherry

Finally the 2nd MMU Dragon King Shogi Match Closed Summer 2011 finish, it is still a great success for the event. Anyway I am now become the arbiter of the event, I cannot take part in the game. I in charge of anything about the rules and the progress of the whole event. We use the timers as everyone got half an hour to use. But anyone who violent the rules, we will reduce half of the leftover time of the fraud player. If the timer finish, the person still got 30 seconds to move the next move. That is byo-yumi, something special about the shogi match is the countdown of the timer. The shogi game will not end easily by time, shogi game either end by wrong move or a makemashita from the player, that is surrender.

This time only got 10 players, compare with 14 players last time. Anyway, I still wish that I able to be the arbiter of the next match. Due to there are 3 peoples went home earlier before the prize giving section, I just post 7 peoples pictures for the prize giving section.

Thanks everyone that help to make this event a big success,
Thanks all so much =D

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