Monday, October 11, 2010

New bunch of magnetic shogi arrived

Ok, is me back to my blog again finally. After such a long time I never update my blog, I feel that I need to burn up my shogi passion again.

This time, I import about 25 sets of magnetic shogi from China. Try to sold all of this to all my fellow desciples in my university. At the same time I am trying to sell all of it to all Malaysia shogi lover and whoever is interest in it.

All shogi here only sell to Malaysian!!!
Feel free to email me that if you want to buy the shogi. I will sell it for RM28, it includes the pawn keychain and a shogi guideline that made by me in english version, but postage fees is not included, you need to paid the postage fees yourself. Tell me in the email what kind of postage you would like me to send. You will able to face-to-face buy the shogi if you are around the Bandar Sunway area, and also the Mahkota Parade, Ayer Keroh in Melaka.

You can inform me whether you want a chinese version guideline, if you need, I will try my best to translate it to chinese version.

For my review, the magnetic board is nice, the design and the pieces is ok, the magnetic is not that strong,,, so don turn your shogi board to 90 degrees or upside down. It is just make sure that your piece will not run away even you move your board from table to another table.

The keychain is an adorable tiny cute thing that you can hang in on your bag, wall, pendrive, house key or anywhere else that you like to.

Thanks for all your support XD


  1. hi i'm from Indonesia and i want to buy magnetic shogi set from you. how can i buy it from you? :D

  2. oo, u r from indonesia, nice to meet you, =D, but unfortunately I only sell to local, sorry to say that. But I suggest you to buy it through ebay or any related website as I only retail from china to sell to my friends here.

  3. i'm from seremban and willing to buy a shogi set... but can i order the wooden set?? just like u used in tournament.. the magnetic looks to childish ....^^

  4. i'm from selangor and i wish to buy one wooden set from you,can you email me?,thanks

  5. er, reply to Anonymous, you can give me your detail to my mailbox

  6. hey,this is george....i sent u a message and i wish u to look at it a.s.a.p!!!i would like to buy ur shigo magnetic chess...if it's ok,i can come all the way to ur shop to buy...wat do u think!?

  7. do you still sell.. them?? i would like to buy 1 from you... i played them online but i would like to have 1 so that i can play it with my family.. please do email me.. if you still sell them ^^ my email is ... i am from Ipoh

  8. Hi Quintom,
    Do you still sell Shogi set? Im would like to buy from you and i had alreadt sent an email to you, so please reply me , my hotmail is, THx