Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The books and prize for Dragon King shogi match has arrived~!!!

A plastics bag that given by the seller in China

A mouse pad with Kenji Kobayashi's signature

4 books i bought, from left, shogi magazine in Japan, little tsume book,
shogi book publish in China, and weiqi(Igo) book with unique mate problem

The prizes for all the participants of MMU Dragon King shogi match closed

Detail on one of the pieces, pawn

Finally the stuff I ordered from China arrive at my house. Besides, I still got two more carriage of stuff will be arrive next week. That content 3 sets of Igo. Another one content 10 sets of shogi and some other shogi books. The mouse pad display in the China Taobao website for a long time, looks like no one to buy it. So I just bought it anyway since I bought a lot of shogi stuff from the seller. The seller sells a lot of shogi stuff. I always buy stuff from him.