Thursday, November 5, 2009

Such a long time no update lol

Wow, it has been a long time that I never update my blog. Due to there isn't much event about the shogi and also my chess club activity. But today is my chess club first weekly activity in this semester, anyway I attend the chess club activity. However the number of peoples are quite less, I play some GO with a friend. Currently I am also learning GO, as GO is my second training chess that I still a beginner. Besides that, now I also got helping translation of the shogi video that belong to HIDETCHI san, you can view the shogi video that made by HIDETCHI to improve your shogi skill. Other than that, this semester I take 3 subjects and maybe I will be a little busy. That I will not take much attention on the shogi stuff.
That's all for today then.


  1. why do you want to say go is chess =(
    go is not chess ba.. it has nothing like chess, because there is no checkmate, there is no fixed opening of pieces...

    from xinwen :(

  2. Hey,

    I'm going to be free starting this monday (23rd November) so you can invite me if you want to. This holiday will be your last chance to invite me because after this I won't be in Malaysia anymore. I'm willing to talk anything about Shogi.

    Ryou Takehito